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Your Team

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Robin Meredith

Operations Director

“Our job is to start you on the path to a healthier, more confident you and your job is to continue along it. This is not just a Boot Camp to favour your image, this is also for your mind and self-pride”     Robin’s job is to make sure your stay at the boot camp runs smoothly.         

Robin was born in Dublin, Ireland. He grew up playing on top rugby, hockey and football teams with keen interests in many other sports and maintaining a personal high level of fitness. He generally keeps fit by hiking, jogging, doing intense beach workouts and swimming. With a love for travelling and exploring, he has visited and lived in many parts of the world though it was Spain where he finally found a place to settle. He has a bachelor degree in landscape architecture but starting his own adventure/fitness company was always his dream. Robin’s job is to make sure your stay at the boot camp runs smoothly.

“The aim of this boot camp is to get people thinking differently when it comes to their everyday health and lifestyle choices. Our job is to start you on the path to a healthier, more confident you and your job is to continue along it. This is not just a Boot Camp to favour your image, this is for your mind and self-pride. It’s amazing what even a 15 minute jog outdoors can do for your body and mind. So imagine how you’ll feel after a week of fun, intense workouts, nutrition advice, relaxation sessions and adventure excursions. Everyone should feel good about themselves and lead happy, positive lives and we at Tropical Coast Boot Camp are the team to get you to that place.”

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Iván González Wolfram

Head Trainer

Iván is in charge of the fitness training department at our boot camps. Besides being an extremely friendly and positive guy, he is also a very hard working professional and always creates a fun, motivating environment. His training sessions at the boot camp are inspiring, challenging, insightful and lots of fun.  

Iván grew up in Almuñécar, Spain. He has a passion for sports, fitness and any types of physical activity. He speaks Spanish, English and German. His life has always been linked to physical exercise, from a combination of his own personal fitness and playing sports to teaching sports such as football, sailing, skiing and personal fitness. He considers himself an enthusiast of his profession and he combines his working hours with the practice of physical exercise and the study of the latest trends and scientific findings on the subject. “Day by day I continue my learning to try to satisfy curiosity and improve as a professional.”

“In 2004, I took a step forward when I began my Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Activity and Sports, which I studied at the University of Granada. After that I complemented my training with a Master in Teaching. In 2011 and after almost a year living in Australia, I began what would be a turning point both in my professional and personal life, a Master in Personal Training at the University of Granada , a very prestigious course in which only the best students and professionals have the privilege of attending.

I also have a Personal Trainer Certificate (CPT) awarded by the NSCA, the American Strength and Conditioning Association. I also have the title of Bodybuilding and Fitness Coach granted by the National School of Weightlifting, High Intensity Training Workshop, I am a ski instructor and I have obtained other certificates related to sports training and fitness.”

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Gustavo Vallejo

Fitness Trainer

Gustavo is a very experienced, fully qualified fitness trainer. He brings fun, energy, excitement and a vast amount of knowledge to his training sessions here at the boot camp.

Gustavo has very impressive qualifications including a Bachelor of Science degree in physical activity and sports (University of Granada), a master in personal training (University of Granada), he is a certified personal trainer by the NSCA and a certified level 1 Sports Technician in Football. He has also undertaken numerous courses such as prehabilitation and readaptation of sports injuries, prevention and readaptation of physical-sports injuries and also has a diploma in basic life support and semi-automatic deficiency.

When Gustavo is not working at the boot camp he works as an expert in readaptation and prevention of injuries at a top Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Readaptation and Podiatry clinic. We are truly blessed to have him as part of our team.

Brice Yoga Tropical Coast Boot Camp

Brice Canipel

Yoga Instructor

Brice is not your average yoga instructor, he is far beyond that. He has practiced and thought different types of yoga and meditation around the world. This is a great opportunity for you to learn and practice yoga and meditation with one of the best yoga instructors around.

Brice was born in France and now lives with his wife and 3 kids here in Spain. He has a passion for travelling, climbing, fitness, eating healthily and living an eco-friendly lifestyle amongst many other things. He is a teacher of yoga and meditation and his classes range from absolute beginners to advanced. His classes are positive and fun and he always gives individual attention to each person to make sure everyone is comfortable and are getting the most out of the class.

“The classes that I teach are a blend of my personal experience and practice; the precision and the therapeutical aspect of Iyengar, the flow and the energy of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, the concentration and the introspection of meditation.”

 In 1995 Brice started practicing meditation, in 1996 he became a specialised coach in physical preparation, stretching and relaxation, these qualifications are known in France as HACUMESE 1 and BEAECPC and today they are the most recognized french titles to be a physical trainer or a coach. In 1999 he discovered yoga and started practicing regularly with the lyengar school in the UK. While living in Auckland, New Zealand he found a passion for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and practiced at the Ashtanga Room, Auckland. In 2002, after completing some courses in Asia, he added Vipassana meditation to his practice. He now runs his own yoga classes here in Spain when he’s not working here at the boot camp. We are extremely lucky to have such a dedicated and qualified yoga instructor in our boot camp.

“I’ve met a lot of yoga teachers in my life, but Brice is one of the very few westerners who actually live like a yogi, instead of only teaching the physical and the gymnastics. And it shows: during classes, the amount of attention he has for each student is terrific, meaning you get exactly the corrections you need to get the most out of the asana’s and the class in general. In addition, his calm presence creates an environment that enables you to actually listen to your body and mind, making his classes super-intense, in a deep and very relaxing way. Best yoga teacher I know. He’s also a fantastic massage therapist, for anyone who needs help rather than yoga lessons.”

Martin Stellar, Salobreña

Woman measuring her waist at Fitness holiday



Our nutritionist will be at the boot camp to give advice about eating correctly for whatever goal you have. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain or weight gain you will learn which foods to eat and which to avoid. You will also learn how the right diet can improve your everyday life immensely.

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Gerardo Aranda Sánchez

Business Manager

Gerardo is the man behind the scenes keeping the business running. His energy and passion for his work is what makes the Tropical Coast Boot Camp what it is today.

Born in Granada, Gerardo has a good understanding of how business works in this part of Spain. When he is not working at the boot camp, he is head of operations at Hiperdeluz lighting specialists. He has very impressive qualifications with a degree in Law and a degree in Political Science from the University of Granada, he has a master degree in secondary teaching specializing in labour law and professional development. He has completed many courses such as a course to be a legal expert in digital media and E-commerce, a labour risk prevention course, a teaching course and has studied law, specializing in business law in Karlova Law University in Prague.

We are extremely happy to have such a nice, positive and knowledgeable person on the team to keep everything running smoothly.

Ieva Marketing tropical coast boot camp

Ieva Cakule


Ieva is an incredibly positive and creative person, exactly what is needed within the boot camp. Not only does she bring her creativity to the media and advertisement side of things, she also brings it to the planning of the boot camps.

Ieva was born in Latvia and has been very creative from an early age, from playing guitar in a number of bands to studying different aspects of art. She has a Bachelor degree in Education, Psychology and Art, she studied art and photography in Aalto University in Finland, she studied Public Relations and logistics and is doing a Master Degree in Secondary Education English Language Teaching.

We are very fortunate to have such a positive, focused, hard-working and enthusiastic person on the tropical Coast Boot Camp team.

Creating Perfection

The Tropical Coast Boot Camp Programme Has been carefully created by some of the top athletes, trainers, instructors and nutritionists in order for you to get the most out of your stay.

The Boot Camp has been designed to incorporate high intensity fitness training into fun activities and excursions. Take one of our fitness activities as an example: Imagine a cycling tour through stunning, lush tropical countryside where amongst the mango, avocado, lemon and other fruit trees, you stop to take in some impressive, ancient Roman aqueducts and yes, there will be challenging fitness tasks to complete at some of the stops. Or what about a run along the coast to the next beach where Kayaks will await us for a sea tour on which we will hopefully spot the resident dolphins in the bay. This is what we’re about, fun, challenging activities with the main aim of getting you into your peak physical shape and boosting your overall confidence. 

Get ready for the most exhilarating week of your life”  

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