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What To Expect

Body Transformation

Everyday will be jam-packed with fun, challenging activities with the objective of reaching your bodies full fitness potential. From high intensity, fat burning, muscle building sessions to low intensity body and mind strengthening exercises. 

Our Boot Camp is focused on improving your bodies physical appearance, recharging your energy levels, combatting stress, depression and anxiety, boosting your confidence, breaking negative life patterns & re-building strong positive ones.


Wild Fitness Adventures

We always keep it exciting! Everyday we go on a wild fitness adventure. Whether it’s hiking in a stunning mountain range, kayaking in crystal clear water or using mountain bikes to discover the tropical countryside, it’s all about having fun and a fit body and fresh mind are the by-products.

Thanks to our beautiful location in Almuñecar, we can enjoy nature at its finest. Breathe fresh air and swim in the crystal clear sea. This is truly a holiday  your body will love. 

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Tropical Coast Boot Camp

Mind Rejuvenation

Without changing your frame of mind you cannot change how your body looks, your confidence, your work ethic, your creativity. This is why we will never just promote ourselves as a body and image boot camp, it simply isn’t enough. Your body, food diet and way of thinking is all connected. If you don’t focus on all 3, you’ll never see maximum results in any.

With relaxation and mind focusing sessions alongside your fitness sessions, nutrition advice and healthy meals, you’ll quickly have that strong, focused mind needed to succeed 

Health & Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy diet is often overlooked when trying to get in shape. It is vital to eat healthy if you want to achieve a good physique and a positive, healthy mind. It has been scientifically proven that a healthy change to your diet can reverse the negative effects of eating badly such as cardio vascular disease, diabetes and cancer. It can make you look and feel younger and can prolong your life dramatically.

All our meals are carefully designed to keep your body & mind in their best physical state throughout your stay. 

Luxury Comfort

After an active day of fitness activities, you will need to relax and unwind. Luckily both hotels which we use have all the facilities you’ll need to do this. In each of the hotels you have the luxury of having the beach right in front of the hotel. And if you have a little bit of energy, why not take a walk around to the other beach or explore the beautiful old town of Almuñecar itself

Spa Treatment

Why not pamper yourself after all the effort that you have put in during your day of fitness. Our guests staying in Hotel Option 1 (Ocean View) have the opportunity to use the hotel’s spa located on the rooftop level which offers a selection of treatments and massages in peaceful surroundings. Enjoy the sauna and steam room or take a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi with views of the mountains and Mediterranean.  

Acquire New Skills

Our Boot camp is all about changing your life for the better. We teach you new skills which you can incorporate into your daily schedule. Whether it’s learning how to lose fat, build muscle or how to reduce or completely get rid of anxiety, depression and stress.

Have you ever wanted to try yoga or to know the best foods for weight loss or the best workout for your abs? This is your chance to get all this information in one place and start living your new positive life.  

Fantastic Weather

We are very privileged to be based in a location with such a beautiful, warm and sunny climate, probably the best in Europe.

The tropical Coast really is the ideal place to do outdoor fitness. The summer temperatures are normally around 25 – 30 degrees Celsius while the winter temperatures average around 18 degrees Celsius. We get 320 days of sunshine on average a year.

Woman in fitness clothes standing beside a beach on the tropical coast

Expect Outdoor Fitness In Stunning Natural Surroundings

“Get ready for the most exhilarating week of your life”  

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