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Welcome to Almuñécar

Our fitness boot camp is based in this beautiful town on the costa tropical in the south of Spain. Blessed with all year round sun and a stunning location beside rugged mountains and a beautiful coastline, Almuñécar is the ideal place to do outdoor training. 

We always train in places of natural beauty, whether we’re cycling through the stunning countryside, walking over a breathtaking mountain with spectacular views, doing intense workouts and relaxation sessions beside the sea or kayaking and paddle surfing in the sea.

From day 1, the idea is to reboot your mind in our natural surroundings. De stress and focus on your new goals. The residents and visitors are predominantly Spanish and it does not get the mass tourism which other locations further up the coast often get. This is the real Spain and you will love it!

Our Gym Is Everywhere

Our Gym Is Everywhere

Ave. Days of Sun
1 °C
Ave. Temp Summer
1 °C
Ave. Temp Winter

This is Where You'll Be

Almuñécar (Costa Tropical) Granada, Spain

We're Looking Forward To Seeing You Here Soon !

Get ready for the most exhilarating week of your life”  

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