Is a fitness holiday really worth doing?

The words fitness and holiday side by side can look wrong and a little scary but with fitness holidays becoming increasingly popular and many people now choosing them over the traditional sun holiday, two questions on many minds are: What type of people go on these holidays and more importantly, what exactly is a fitness holiday?

These are question I commonly get asked. Yes, obviously they are holidays you go on to do fitness activities but what do you actually do when you’re there and why are more and more people choosing to go on them?

Well, let’s start with the purpose of these holidays, the WHY. “I need a holiday” the common words said by many tired and stressed people in their everyday routines. The normal solution is, of course, to go on a holiday where you can lie on the beach or relax by the pool all day and basically do the bare minimum. Fitness holidays, however, are usually booked by people who say “I need a change”. These types of people are usually in the same situation as the previous. They also want to re-charge their batteries but they are more in the mindset of completely changing their battery for a new stronger one which won’t run flat again. And there lies a key difference between both holiday types.

People who choose to go on fitness holidays are seeking self-development in their lives whether it’s for physical improvement, mental improvement or both. It’s not hard to understand why these holidays are becoming more popular each year when you consider the current way people are living. There is a huge amount of stress and pressure being consistently fired at us from all angles which can very easily lead to many physical problems such as obesity, skin disorders and body fatigue to name a few while mental problems such as anxiety and depression are now common human conditions. Fortunately, more and more people these days are choosing the natural way to tackle these issues rather than a medicinal way, the natural way being a good exercise routine and a healthy diet.

So why go on a fitness holiday when I could just go to the local gym to exercise?

A good question. The same comparison as before could be made between the classic relaxing holiday and a fitness holiday. Why not relax by going to the local library or park to read a book? Well yes, that’s a perfect way to relax and should be done as much as time allows you to. So why do we love flying to foreign countries to do a similar thing? The same goes for exercising. The answers for both can be very similar. The weather, the complete change of surroundings, the food, the landscape and the people. When I say the people, I’m not referring to the locals, in this case, it’s the people who are around you doing the same thing. If you go on a beach holiday you’ll find almost everyone else on the beach is doing the same as you which makes the atmosphere ideal for relaxing. Now let’s put the same idea in place for people who want to go on a fitness holiday. The atmosphere on this type of trip is very much a positive, motivated one where everyone is in the same position and therefore encourage, help and support one another. These types of holidays also give the guests confidence to do activities they might not have tried or thought of trying before such as yoga, mountain biking or kayaking. These trips can also be a real eye-opener for many of the guests who don’t really like to exercise. They realise that, actually, there are enjoyable ways to keep fit and that you just have to find them.

On a fitness holiday such as ours, you can expect daily beach workouts, yoga sessions, countryside cycling, sea kayaking, mountain hiking, coastal trail runs, a nutrition class and much more. It sounds like a lot but it’s the perfect amount to push yourself to reach new fitness and mental goals while not too much that you will burn out completely. Also, if you’re thinking that it’s a very serious training camp for super athletes, think again. It’s for normal people who either want to lose weight, want a holiday to increase their fitness or people who need to escape and get back in touch with nature. The atmosphere in all the camps is always friendly, positive, motivational and fun.

I need to relax and de-stress. What holiday is best for me?

As previously mentioned above, the most common way to de-stress and relax is to go on a relaxing holiday but funnily enough, exercising both your body and your brain on a fitness holiday can actually be a much better way to do it. On a fitness holiday you straight away put all your attention and focus on the day’s activities. It’s like switching off your computer which has all your work files and To Do folders open and restarting it with a fresh, clean page. Suddenly, your mind is solely thinking about your body. The beautiful natural surroundings, such as ours here on the Costa Tropical, further help your brain do this and soon you start to realise that regularly exercising your body and brain is the best way to de-stress and to get rid of anxiety and depression. In fact, your brain will like this so much that it will want to continue this positive pattern back home and exercising regularly will become a normal thing in your everyday life. This, of course, means you will be a lot less stressed, more productive and, most importantly, happier. For this reason, we always say that our fitness holidays are a kick-start to your new improved lifestyle. You build a strong base on the trip with your newly acquired fitness, yoga and nutrition knowledge and go home to begin your dream lifestyle. How many holidays have you come home from feeling energised and ready to go back to work, ready to try new things, ready for an active lifestyle and feeling happier than ever before?

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